The Assessment Process

How to apply for Professional Registration and what the process involves
Sign up to the OPD tool
The OPD tool is used throughout all stages of the assessment process. Once you have signed up to the OPD Tool, you can apply for Professional Registration through your profile section.
Here you will submit all relevant documentation; including a comprehensive English CV with photograph, and copies of your diplomas. These will be used to determine whether you meet the application requirements.
Choose which title you want to apply for
You must decide which Professional title is most suited to your career and your professional responsibilities.
Complete your Application Portfolio on the OPD Tool

Match your knowledge and experience to the competence areas. You must provide two examples per sub-competence.


We offer mentors to help guide and advise you through the process.

Portfolio Review

A reviewer will review your portfolio and provide feedback before it is submitted for final assessment. This gives you time to make improvements and ensures a smoother assessment.

Prepare a presentation
This should be no longer than 10 minutes and be based on one project.
The interview itself
This is a formal interview and questions will be based on your presentation, your assessment portfolio, and developments in your field of expertise. The interview will last for approximately 90 minutes.
Upon qualification
The newly Chartered or Incorporated Engineer will be listed on the Register. They will receive a certificate in acknowledgement of their achievement, a lapel pin, and can use the professional title of CEng or IEng.

Professional Registration with KIVI is not only a qualification, but a community. You can volunteer as a mentor, assessor, and reviewer and we will provide all the training.

CPD (Continuous Professional Development)
The quality standard of Professional Registration must be maintained through Continuous Professional Development. This is logged and tracked through the OPD tool.
  • Each CPD period will last for 2 years. The required amount of hours must be completed within this timeframe.
  • A minimum of 100 CPD hours must be documented. 


There are costs in applying for Professional Registration.

If you aren’t already a KIVI member, you can join here: NL | EN

Application fee

One time payment when you start your assessment

Chartership Membership

Annual membership fee

The OPD Tool

Use our Online Professional Development Tool to apply for registration, and to keep track, record and evaluate your goals and progress.

Help and Guidance

All information and applications are treated with confidentiality. Our dedicated Chartership team are there to help and advise you through all stages of the process.

Any questions?