Code of Ethics Summary

  1. We shall take into account how our technical decisions influence the health and safety of people and their surroundings. We will not hide any factors that influence the safety of society and the environment.
  2. We shall alert stakeholders where real or perceived conflicts of interest may occur.
  3. We shall contribute to clear communication in reference to technical products and technologies with regard to the application and possible negative effects.
  4. We shall reject bribery and all forms of corrupt behaviour.
  5. We shall base our conclusions, recommendation and deals on the most current and available information.
  6. We shall maintain and enhance our technical competence. We are familiar with our own limitations and we shall make others aware of these limitations of our services.
  7. We shall mention the resources that have contributed to our publications, reports, and all other components of our engineers work. We are open to feedback and recommendations of others.
  8. We shall respect the cultural values and inhabitants of the countries we work in.
  9. We shall promote a professional environment where everyone feels safe, and where diversity and inclusion in all its forms are embraced and where our differences are valued and respected.
  10. We shall strive for a healthy development and practice of the engineering work in all it’s components through loyal and open co-operation.

You can access the full Code of Ethics below:

2018-01 Code of Ethics