Professional Planning

The Online Professional Development Tool provides guidance and structure in a flexible, user friendly online environment.
  • Structured Development
    Broad competence based development
  • Plans
    Made up of individual tasks. Make all sorts of plans!
  • Plan Goals and Analysis
    Set goals within your plans and analyse your strategy and development.
  • Quick view
    Immediate visual feedback on deadlines, labels, competence area.
  • Customised Reports
    Access all reports ever made.

Exclusive to KIVI Members

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    Set goals

    Helps to strategise both short term and long term career goals

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    Professional Registration

    Integrated with the Chartership process at all stages: IPD, assessment and CPD.

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    A powerful tool

    To show contractors or clients the value of your work and achievements.

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    Track progress

    Makes it easy to keep track, record and evaluate progress.

Competence Based Development

Users have the option to allocate competence areas to their tasks.

The 5 broad core-competence areas cover the technical and professional skills and knowledge required of a well rounded engineer. Users can determine areas where they are strong and areas which may need more development.

Plans & Reports

The OPD Tool is based on plans which are made up of individual tasks that provide complete flexibility. The more you put in, the more you get out of it!

Reports are filtered and created from the plans, allowing reports to be customised to user needs.

Fully Integrated with Professional Registration

The core competence areas in the OPD Tool have their basis in the Chartership Structure and are an international benchmark for Engineers.

Users continue to enjoy full access to all core features like plans and reports while applying for Chartership.


  • Apply online and submit all required documentation.
  • Complete and build assessment portfolio with attached evidence.
  • Generate in-progress portfolios for feedback and review.
  • Submit final assessment portfolio online.


  • Required CPD can be recorded and tracked.
  • Assign competence, category and hours to each task.
  • Ability to carry hours forward into the next CPD period.
  • Overview of assigned competence areas and categories.

Suitable for all career stages and paths

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    Get on the right track and plan for life after graduation!

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    Young Professional

    Streamline your initial professional development and develop yourself more efficiently to get to where you want to be.

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    Mid Career

    Structure and plan your development to your needs and continue to move forward in your career.

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    Ensure you stay at the forefront of your expertise and be able to present your knowledge and experience to others!

Extra Features

  • It's your personal environment!

    Any information you put in will only be visible to you.

  • One place for everything.

    You can upload your diplomas and certificates, and never have to look for them again. All plans, reports and attachments are also kept.

  • Strategy and Analysis Tools

    The OPD Tool includes an advanced plans option. This facilitates strategy and allows you to set plan goals. You can also use the Analysis tool to monitor your progress and analyse your professional development.

  • Help and guidance.

    ‘i’ boxes provide handy instructions throughout the tool. There is also a ‘Tips & Tricks’ section which can help with getting the most out of your user experience.

Custom Features

The OPD Tool can be adapted to individual companies or organisations, aligning with company goals and development paths.

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