Career Management

An engineer’s career is never straightforward, but their professional development should be.

The OPD Tool provides a system that supports engineers in their daily working life while providing a structure for professional development. This results in a collection of experiences and professional competence over time which can be exported for multiple uses.

A Tool for Every Engineer

The OPD is very flexible and can be used in many ways to fulfil the requirements of any engineer in all roles and at all stages of their career. It is also ideally suited for professional qualification as a Chartered Engineer (CEng) or Incorporated Engineer (IEng).

The tool is built up of many layers and can be as simple or as comprehensive as you wish. The pyramid represents the capabilities of the OPD Tool, the more put in at each layer, the more you get out of the layer above.

A Powerful Reporting & Portfolio Tool

Customised to suit your needs.
  • Presenting yourself to others
    Clear enough for somebody else to understand your work and see your strong points.
  • Self Analysis
    Detailed enough to use as a tool of strategy and self-reflection: what do my experiences add up to?

Exclusive to KIVI Members

The OPD Tool provides a baseline that can be utilised by the whole community.
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    A comprehensive and personalised career management tool that also supports daily working life and tasks.

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    Helps students prepare for a future of life long learning and gain a head start on their professional development, mapping student experiences to professional practice.

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    The OPD Tool can be adapted to individual companies or organisations, aligning with company goals and development paths. For more information, please visit our industry page.

Integrated with Professional Registration

In addition to the core features of the OPD Tool, engineers can apply for Professional Registration, complete the application process,
and record their CPD once successfully registered, all through the tool.


  • Apply online and submit all required documentation.
  • Complete and build assessment portfolio with attached evidence.
  • Generate in-progress portfolios for feedback and review.
  • Submit final assessment portfolio online.


  • Required CPD can be recorded and tracked.
  • Assign competence, category and hours to each task.
  • Ability to carry hours forward into the next CPD period.
  • Overview of assigned competence areas and categories.

Additional Features

“At work we also have a tool, but it is only focused on company goals. This is much better for your own development.
Plus if you change employer you lose everything, but with the OPD Tool you keep everything with you.”
  • It's your personal environment!

    Any information you put in will only be visible to you.

  • One place for everything.

    You can upload your diplomas and certificates. All plans, reports and attachments are also kept, so you can keep everything you’ve ever done through all career stages and roles.

  • Competence Based Development

    The competence areas are an internationally recognised framework for professional engineers. They cover the technical and professional skills and knowledge required of a well rounded engineer. 

Improve your professional development today!

Included in all KIVI memberships

Registration for the OPD Tool is quick and easy. If you’re already a KIVI member all you need is your email address and membership number.

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